Friday, 22 February 2013

New Pullover with Sailor Collar

Here are some shots of a sweater I made this week. It is really easy and adaptable. I love the sailor collar and have been meaning to make a sweater with one for some time, but a short collar is more sophisticated - less girly.

I find you can make this sweater with different weights of yarn on the same needles (US size 2/ 2.75mm) and come up with some very different looks. The pink sweater above is in a fine fingering weight of vintage baby wool. This has a pretty fitted look.

The grey sweater, in a medium weight sock yarn has a roomier fit, but still fairly sleek. I think this is a fairly common sock weight. It's also a nice weight to work with. A happy medium, if you will.

The yellow sweater is made with a heavier sock yarn but still a DK. It makes a bulkier sweater, with a more outdoorsy feel. Still quite cute though.

This free pattern will be posted soon. I'm putting in lots of pictures and explanations, so don't worry if you are a beginner.

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