Tuesday, 26 February 2013

FREE Barbie Crochet Jacket Pattern

I don't usually crochet Barbie clothes, but this design really worked out well. I hadn't thought of writing this up,  but someone saw the sweater on my Flickr page and requested the pattern. This is super easy, and also shows you how to crochet a flat circle.

Barbie Crochet Circle Jacket                     By Kelly Mullan
2.75mm/ C/2 hook
Medium to light weight sock yarn.
Begin by chaining 6 stitches. Connect ends with a slip stitch to form a foundation loop.
Chain one st.
First round: Using single crochet stitches (sc), work eight stitches around foundation loop. Stitches should go through the center loop and not through individual stitches.
Second Round: work TWO stitches into each stitch of first round (16 sts total).
Third Round: (In first st, work 1 sc. In second st, work 2 sc) repeat to end of row.
Fourth Round: (in first and second stitch, work 1 sc. In third st, work 2 sc) repeat to end of round.

By now you might have noticed a pattern to the placement of increases. On every round you are working 1 more stitch before making an increase. (For example, if you were to do an Increase Round 5 you would single crochet into 3 stitches before increasing by working 2 single crochets into the next stitch.) You may continue in this manner until your fabric reaches the desired diameter. 

At round Seven, chain 8 stitches and connect chain to main body of work 8 stitches along edge. This creates a sleeve opening 16 sts around. Sc to opposite side of work and repeat. You should now have two sleeve openings across from each other. Continue working flat circle as above and working sc stitches into the 8 loops of the chain at each sleeve opening.

Sleeve openings

Continue for 10 more rows continuing the same increase pattern. End row opposite sleeve opening. Bind off. Sew in ends
Pick up 16 sts around sleeve openings. Sc straight for 16 rows. Bind off. Repeat for second sleeve. Sew in yarn ends.
Sew two buttons at center front of jacket. Use space between stitches for button holes.

For more Barbie patterns please take a look at my shop. 


  1. oh so super cute. I have been crocheting for years but have never thought to make any doll clothes.. but now i got kids that want doll clothes... i will try this one!

  2. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Made this and a dress to cover a poor naked doll in the charity shop where I volunteer, it certainly made the doll more sellable and was very easy to do and very stylish when finished - thank you