Thursday, 28 February 2013

How to Make a Mock Cable

The stitches in my Barbie Cable Knit Sweater and Matching Beret are tiny. I've dispensed with fiddly cable needles by using a Mock Cable stitch that you can make on two needles. I think this makes things a little easier.

Here's how it goes:

Remember, these instructions are for knitting in the round so ALL rows are Right Side rows.

Round 1: (P2, K3) repeat.

Round 2: (P2, K3) repeat.
Round 3: (P2, K3) repeat
Round 4: (P2, take needle to the front of work, K 3rd st on left hand needle, then 2nd st, then 1st st: slip all sts off tog.)

So, in other words on Round 4 at the cable you are skipping over 2 stitches, knitting the THIRD stitch first, MIDDLE stitch next, and FIRST stitch last. As you go through these three stitches, the original stitches are still ON the left needle. Now pull all the stitches off the left needle, and continue.

Here is a link to a Knitting Help video for Mock Cable. I think she has some good tips, but she makes it look harder than it should be. I think it makes a huge difference that she is using a fat fuzzy yarn. She says so herself. Using a smooth, light coloured yarn makes everything easier! I do like her emphasis on keeping the tension as loose as posible and her clear explanations. Keep in mind that she is knitting flat and my instructions are for knitting in the round.

This is what Mock Cable should look like. I've stretched the work out a bit so you can see all of the stitches. 

Mock Cable

Don't worry about blocking the sweater. This stitch's natural ribbed quality makes a nice figure hugging look from a relatively bulky knit.

This is what the sweater looks like off the doll. Much better on, I think.
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